Hello from Kanagawa

I really have to be better about updating my blog! Life has been pretty hectic for me since the end of March. Not only did I start a new job, but I also moved (twice) and have been fumbling around trying to figure out how to get settled in. Needless to say my stress levels have been through the roof. Sometimes I question whether I made the right decision to leave my quiet little home in Moka.

I am constantly trying to reassure myself that I did. Only time will really tell I guess. However, one thing that I know for sure is that I need to work on being more optimistic and grateful for the things that I do have, and stop worrying about the things that I don’t. Sure, my new apartment is smaller than my last and is next to a noisy construction site, but I still have a lot to appreciate.

My new job has been a really big transition from my previous one. The new company that I work for pays well, and has pretty good benefits. However, that all comes at a price and I find that my free time has diminished while my responsibilities have skyrocketed.  Solo teaching takes quite a bit of effort and planning. For the first few weeks I was almost tempted to give up and run back to Tochigi.  Luckily, I stuck with it and seem to be fairing a little better. I think it will definitely continue to get easier with time.

Right now I teach around 4-6 classes a day for five days a week. I thought that I would enjoy working evenings, but I get home so late that there isn’t time left for anything else. I teach students anywhere from 4 years old to 32. It has been pretty challenging figuring out what to do for each class, and how to cater to the needs of specific students. I realize that I’ll never be a perfect teacher, but regardless of that I’ll always seek improvement.

My next major goal is to move into a bigger apartment, and save up enough money to visit my family in the states. Austin has been gone for about a month to process out of the Navy, and although having the apartment to myself is nice, I really miss him and know we need to find some place better to live.

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