Lazy Saturday futon update

I’m always so horrible at updating this thing. I need to just force myself to sit down and spend a few minutes each week to do it. Anyway, it’s a nice lazy Saturday morning and I’m still laying under the blankets on my futon relaxing. This is the first weekend I’ve had to myself in a while. I don’t get the entire weekend though since I’ll be spending tomorrow in Tokyo with my boyfriend. Haven’t seen him in a week so it’ll be nice to at least spend a few hours with him.

My teaching contract will be coming to an end soon. I’ve been applying to different places hoping to get a job closer to Kanagawa. Going in for job interviews is always a stressful part of the process. I just hope I’m not put on the spot and asked to do a demo lesson. If I am, I have to really kick ass at it. Otherwise this next year will be rough on our relationship since we’ll only get to see each other once or twice a month.

Teaching at school has gotten a lot better. I’m a lot more comfortable with the job now and being around so many children. At first it was a bit intimidating, but slowly I realized just how easy children are to please and how much they really love learning. It’s so fun walking into a classroom and seeing their faces light up. I should’ve just became a teacher from the beginning. I wanted to for a while, but my older sister talked me out of it. It’s true that the pay isn’t that high, but the experience itself is very rewarding.

Ugh got a headache that still hasn’t gone away. Going to lay back down and probably nap.

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