The things I do for snacks

After spending all day in bed watching movies while drifting in and out of sleep, I finally decided to get up and venture outside.  It had been raining the whole day, so by the time I finally peeked out my door at night everything was covered in heavy fog.  I came up with the clever idea of making a quick trip to 711, but fumbled with the light on my bike for about a half an hour before giving up.  

Oh, but that didn’t deter me…

So there I was riding my bike on a dark foggy night in rural Japan.  It seriously felt like I was making my way through a scene from Silent Hill or something.  I could barely see ahead of me, and heard strange sounds coming from various directions.  I even saw a shadow looking out at me as I rode by a shop that was closed.  That was more creepy than the eery static sound coming from one of the lamp posts.  Why would a lamp make a static noise??

Needless to say I made it to 711 safe and sound, and grabbed a few snacks before heading back.  Just as I got back to my apartment I suddenly remembered that I lived right next to a giant cemetery. It’s a good thing I didn’t think about it before I left, or I probably would’ve stayed inside.  The last thing I’d want to deal with is fending off a bunch of Japanese zombies just so I could buy a rice ball and some pizza bread.

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