Taught My First Class Yesterday

I taught my first English class in China yesterday. Or rather I should say I helped the TA teach an English class yesterday! The opportunity to teach was very sudden, and I didn’t have any chance to train or prepare accordingly.  Chris got a call from one of the schools that he used to work at asking if he could fill in for one of their teachers that was absent.  They wanted him to work from 6:30pm-8:30pm, but he already had class during that period.  So what did Chris do?  He told them that he had a friend that might do it and started negotiating prices.  A few hours later I was standing in a classroom with a bunch of Chinese kids making $24 per hour.  Not bad.

I got to do quite a bit of sightseeing on Tuesday.  I’m rather upset that I forgot to bring my camera with me, because I missed some amazing shots.  While we were walking towards the Bund we saw a bus stop and everyone ran out of it frantically.  Then I noticed the driver run to the back of the bus and opened the hood.  I looked closely and saw flames!  Within a matter of seconds the entire rear end of the bus was engulfed.  Chris wanted to keep walking in the same direction, but I was like no way.  We had no idea if the thing would explode or not.  It took a few minutes for the police and firetrucks to arrive.  Even once they did it took them quite a while to put the fire out.  We crossed the street and began walking towards the Bund again.  It was a pretty area, but I think it would be much more exciting at night.

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