Day #1 of having the kitty. Phil and I drove downtown to meet up with Leela at the Radisson Plaza Hotel to pick up her kitty. She’s going to France for the summer and needed someone to look after it. I agreed to do it even though I’m really worried about having a cat in the apartment. I haven’t had one in a very long time so I’m afraid she’ll try to eat something that’s harmful to her.

So far so good though. She’s exploring a lot of places that I wasn’t expecting her too. For instance she crawled into my closet and behind the rack that I had clothes and stuff sitting on. Then later I heard her meowing and it turned out that she jumped in the bath tub. Just now she hopped up on the window sill and scared me. I didn’t think she’d be able to jump that high and over the heater. Especially considering how fat she is.

Maybe she’ll lose a few pounds while I have her. I’m not gonna starve her or anything, but I’ll try to make sure she eats more healthy.

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