Phil’s Birthday

I just got back with Phil from a trip to Matsuri. Today is his birthday and I told him to pick any place that he wanted to eat at. He was heading towards some restaurant on York Rd. that I don’t really like so I called Gabrielle up and was going to head to a Thai place that she showed me before. She was busy though, because it was also her friend’s 23rd birthday. So, we tried to get to the Thai place from where we were. Needless to say we got horribly lost.

After driving around for a good 45 minutes or so I figured out how to get the GPS working on his cell phone. Then we found our way to Matsuri, but ended up driving around the block about 5 times unable to find parking. At one point Phil said he just wanted to go home, because he was tired of driving. I convinced him to keep going and we found a parking garage.

The food at Matsuri was okay, but I was a little disappointed. The oyakodon I had was prepared completely wrong. I couldn’t even bring myself to eat it. Phil ordered some ramen and gyudon. I ate all of the beef off of it, and he finished the rice. When the waitress asked me if I wanted a box for the oyakodon I started to tell her no and that I didn’t care for it. But, Phil interrupted me and asked for one.

At first I was a little irritated, because I didn’t want to pay for something that bad. However, on the way home we passed by a homeless guy that was walking along the street with a sign that said he was hungry and needed help. So Phil looked at me and asked if we should give it to him, and we did. The guy thanked us a lot, and I suddenly didn’t mind paying for it and was actually glad I did.

All in all it was a good evening even if a bit awkward.

We drove by Arthur’s old place and it brought back too many memories, but I’ll save that for another post.

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