Frog Legs

I’ve been having a lot of fun hanging out with Leela and Gabrielle after Japanese at Johns Hopkins. At first I was really intimidated by all of the students there, and was worried that I wouldn’t fit in. However, I find that I get along better with JHU students than I do with those at Morgan.

Usually when we hang out it has something to do with food. Like we went on a little road trip to H-mart the other week and thought that we were horribly lost. It turned out that we were going the right way, and we ended up buying a lot of things. Speaking of which, I still have some of Leela’s beef sitting in my freezer.

We went to her place after shopping and Gabrielle made dinner for us both. She made something almost like a stir-fry that included frog legs. It was funny though because the packaging said “flog” legs and all of them were like that in the store. At first I was a little nervous about eating it, but then I thought about Sammi from Youtube and all of the crazy things to eat. Somehow that gave me a boost of courage and I chowed down.

I have to say that frog legs taste somewhere between squid and chicken. Like, the texture is the same as chicken, but it definitely has that seafood taste and smell. It’s not something that I would ever crave eating, but it was something fun to try.

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