JET Application

Well yesterday marked the deadline for the JET Program applications. I left with Phil at around 2pm and didn’t make it to the embassy until 4:30pm. So much for a one hour drive! The traffic was pretty bad, and for some reason my GPS didn’t want to work. I thought for sure I would be the last person in the country to turn my application in, but to my surprise I saw two other girls run in at the last moment as I waited for Phil to circle back around the block.

The security officer who let me in was smiling and very cheerful. “You must be here for the JET Program,” he said. I replied that I was, and he said, “You don’t seem very excited. The last two girls really were!” I panicked as soon as he said that, because I didn’t want to make a bad first impression—even though he wasn’t an interviewer. I immediately perked up and exclaimed that I was very excited, but the traffic from Baltimore wore me out a bit. He laughed and said that he understood.

I had to place my application envelope on a belt for it to pass through a scanner, and he asked me to walk through a metal detector to pick it up on the other side. Then I was asked to place my envelope on top of a huge stack of other ones. I must admit that at that very moment I felt a bit disheartened. I knew that the JET Program received thousands of applications each year, but seeing mine just sitting in a pile with a bunch of others put it into a more realistic and tangible perspective.

The drive home took much longer than it did to get there. At around 8pm we finally arrived home, and I passed out asleep. I feel really sorry for Phil, because being stuck and constantly having to stop and go while driving a manual sucks. Not to mention I yelled at him when he started to merge over and almost collided with another car in his blind spot. Now that I’ve calmed down I’ll definitely apologize and thank him.

On a side note, I woke up this morning to find our freezer door sitting open. Everything in it had defrosted and felt really warm. I felt bad throwing the chicken out, but was relieved that there wasn’t much food in the freezer. Then for some reason I decided to check the fridge, and was shocked to find out everything in the fridge had become warm and gone bad as well! I haven’t thrown everything out yet, but I guess yesterday’s ordeal stressed Phil out too, and he forgot to close the freezer last night after getting some ice.

Oh well I’ll just be thankful that the hardest part is over, and let this slide…

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