Dusts Journal Off…

Wow this journal has practically died. To be honest I had almost entirely forgotten about it, but my sudden rediscovery has sparked some interest deep inside me…or maybe not. Either way, each time I happen to stumble upon this blog I convince myself that I’ll be more dedicated and update it routinely. So far I have failed miserably, and I’m not expecting better results further ahead. But since I’m here I suppose that I should give a little insight and update about my life.

Let’s see where to begin…

Well I’m living in Baltimore (wait that’s old news…),
I’m still attending Morgan (sigh that’s boring and old too…),
I’ve been catching up on some Japanese (zZZzzz…fail),

Okay well I suppose there isn’t much updating I can do! At least nothing that isn’t dreadfully boring and out of the ordinary. Aside from finishing up my last year at college and working on an application to the JET program nothing much else is new or exciting right now. Pity… I know.

On a quick side note my neighbor is outside yelling that’s he’s freezing and calling his girlfriend a “stupid bitch”…gotta love Baltimore!

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