Ohisashiburi — It’s been a while!

I think it’s time to show my blog a little more love. I spent an entire summer in Japan and only made two updates—that’s a bit sad! In an effort to redeem myself and to share some of my experiences I’m going to slowly update the blog with some photos from my semester abroad. I hope you guys enjoy it! I’ll start with a few from Kyoto.

Kyoto Station 1

Kyoto Station 京都駅

This is a picture I took when we first arrived at the station in Kyoto. It was a long trip, but not too bad since we took the shinkansen. I absolutely loved the architecture and had to get a few shots of the place. I was still a bit drained from the long train ride, so I didn’t get as many as I would’ve liked.

Out of all of the stations I’ve been to it was one of the busiest and full of tourists. One family from the UK that was leaving decided to dump all their tour books off on us as a “gift”….I think those books are still sitting somewhere in Kyoto til this day!

Sorry for the large file sizes. I don’t have any photo editing software on this computer. Check back soon and I’ll share some more!

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