Midterms, midterms…

So we’re finally getting our grades back from our exams, and all I can say is wow… So far the class averages in two of my classes have been F’s. It’s not that we’re all stupid–there’s some pretty smart people in the classes including myself *winks* but the tests did cover a huge chunk of material that was too hard to digest.

Our econ exam spanned over about 7 chapters. The class average was a 55, but I managed to skim by with a 74. I’m still not happy considering I wanted an A, but for both classes there will be a curve, and in econ we have an optional exam to replace our lowest grade.

Oh well, time for more fun! I get to relax a little this week and enjoy some sightseeing around Japan. I went to a nice little pub in Ebisu the other day with Phil which was fun. They had this great little chocolate shake cocktail that I couldn’t get enough of, along with a serving of fish and chips.

Oh, and if any of you guys ever visit Tokyo, go to a restaurant called Monsoon in the Jiyugaoka area. It’s not far from the station, and has some of the BEST food you will ever eat. I’m not exaggerating when I say the best. Plus the experience there is just wonderful. The restaurant design is great, and the staff there is just amazing.

Anyway, off to bed! Oyasumi~

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