So I saw something scary today…

I was riding on the bus back home so I could get a short nap in before my next class. As we were stopping at a light I saw a fire truck pull up on the other side, and a few police officers standing in the middle of the lane. I noticed that they were occasionally looking down at something near their feet, but I couldn’t tell what they were seeing, because there was a huge guard rail in-between the two lanes.

Traffic was completely stopped on the other side. There was a lady holding a baby standing in the lane as well with the police officers, and she also made quick glances down. Another lady and old man who I guess were passing by both stood on the sidewalk gasping at whatever they were seeing. I was curious now, but still couldn’t tell because of the position of the bus. I noticed a cab a few feet back with no one in it.

Then the light turned green and as the bus moved forward and just beyond the end of the guard rail I could finally see what they were seeing: a man laying there lifeless. I’m guessing he had been hit by the cab because one of his shoes were laying on the ground away from his body, and he wasn’t moving. That, and it seemed that no one was trying to help him.

I felt like vomiting after just witnessing it. I ended up coming home and sleeping straight through my next class just to get rid of the uneasy feeling in my stomach.

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