Cramming Time

It’s amazing how many Japanese holidays there are during the summer. It seems that each week we have a day off, and this week just happened to be Friday. I didn’t go out partying, however, but instead stayed in my room and made a sincere effort to study.

I’m a little bit mad and disappointed with my Japanese class back in the states. Our class wasn’t taught nearly as much as we should have in terms of verb forms and kanji, and I’m split on trying to figure out why.

One explanation could simply be the book that we’re using called なかま meaning Nakama, which is setup horribly. During the first semester of Japanese you should learn around 50 kanji…our class learned 0. Yep. None. During the second semester you’re supposed to learn an additional 80. I think we may have learned about 20.

Kanji is introduced fairly late in なかま and doesn’t show up until somewhere around the 8th chapter. So the problem I’m having now is that I’m trying to take Japanese 201 here in Japan, but I don’t have knowledge of the verb forms and kanji needed.

The second explanation I can think of is that our sensei is purposefully going easy on us. We only covered chapters 6-9 this spring, which really isn’t anything when you think about it. Is it possible that she thinks we can’t handle it?

It’s frustrating me to go from being one of the best in my class back home, to being one of the worst here. I’m mad at not being prepared properly for the level I’m supposed to be at. So here I am trying to cram the entire げんき- Genki 1 book over the weekend to catch up with the rest of Japanese 201. Anyway, wish me luck!

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