Still waiting

I haven’t heard yet from Temple as to whether or not I’ve been accepted into their Japan program. I’m still crossing my fingers and being hopeful that I will. I think that my chances are pretty good, but I don’t want to set myself up for a huge let down. Other than that not much has really change–which could be a good thing. Classes are going ok, although I do have a big load of studying I need to do. I’m trying to work it down bit by bit.

I really would like to get my hair cut, but getting a hold of a good hair dresser has been impossible. Oh, and my goal for losing weight so far has been a success! I’ve knocked down about 10 pounds since I first started, which is a pretty healthy rate since it’s over the span of several weeks. About 15 more and I’ll be happy.

My roommate Tia is trying to get me to sign up for some network marketing thing selling Noni products. Although I’m a bit skeptical about if I should try it out or not. It wouldn’t be so bad if the starting rate weren’t so high. $550 is a lot to ask a college student to just shell out in hopes of making more. I could end up losing it all. So far Tia hasn’t been able to get anyone to sign up for the program, so I’m guessing her money is in the hole. It pretty much sounds like a pyramid scheme to me though. The only way to really make profit is to get other people to join, and stick with it. I really don’t know anyone who would be willing to do it. That plus the Tahitian Noni Juice I tasted was horrible, and I’m supposed to help sell it? I’ll give it some more thought.. I will be strapped for cash if I get to study abroad this summer.

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