Tired as hell

I really need a new job.. Wal-Mart is wearing me out. It’s a bad sign when the thought of having to go to work brings you to tears, and not ones of joy. My legs and feet ache so bad that I can’t walk right now. The stress, hours, and frustration are not worth the measly $10/hr that I am making right now. I have the job duties of a manager, but I’m making shit for money. I really need to find something different.

College really makes it difficult to find another job though, because the hours I’m available to work are very limited. This semester isn’t quite as bad as the last one. I could find a job at maybe a bank or something MWF during the daytime, before Japanese. I guess I should swing by Wachovia at some point and put in a job application. I wouldn’t mind working for the university if they weren’t so unreliable at paying you on time. With the amount of bills that I have I can’t really afford to be paid late.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I’m applying to Temple University-Japan for their upcoming summer program! At first I was just going to go for 3 weeks to a language school there, but if I get accepted by Temple I can stay for 11 weeks instead, and get college credit. The fall semester would be even better since they offer Political Science courses, but Morgan State (my current university) requires that our last 30 credits be taken on campus. Either way I still want to go for the experience and I’m very excited.

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