Gotta love em’! Here I am about four hours later, with still not an ounce of sleep. Considering I have to be at work in two more hours it really isn’t worth it at this point. Falling asleep now would just make me more tired than I already am when I wake up. I spent the majority of the night (or morning depending on how you look at it) parousing the internet, reading various feeds. I’m just now starting to catch on to the RSS trend, and subscribed to a few international news sources.

If there’s anything all of my professors made clear on the first day of class, it’s that we need to start acquainting ourselves with global issues via newspapers, magazines, and other reliable sources, and stop depending on television. Although my tv watching days have drastically declined over the past couple years, I can still see the importance of catching up on world news routinely from respectable sources–especially those related to Asia. If I want to get my Masters in International Relations I need to know my stuff.

Hmm.. 10am.. I better get a move on it.

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