University Blues…

I’m at a very difficult point in my academic life—stuck between choosing which major to finally settle down with. Philosophy seemed like a really great idea at first, because I got to study one of the things that most interested me: religion. Yet, despite how much I may enjoy studying it, theres no real solid career I could make from it other than teaching—which I’m not interested in at all by the way.

So then I had this bright idea that I’d change subfields and do philosophy/pre-law rather than religious studies. Problem is I’m really not that sure that I want to go to law school, let alone one day become a lawyer. So now I have a bit of a dilemma: Do I continue with pre-law and prepare to take the LSAT to hopefully get into law school? Or, do I change majors yet again, and possible end up in college longer?

I’ve been considering getting a degree in political science with a focus on international relations. I think that considering I’m stuck paying for this apartment a whole year anyway, I may be able to pull off changing majors, and still graduating at the same length of time. I’m just still not certain if I’m making the right decision. I know I’d like to be able to work for a corporation one day, go to conferences and travel, but I’m not sure if this is the correct field I need. I supose that’s something I should ask an advisor…but it would be nice hearing from someone going down a similar career path.

4 thoughts on “University Blues…

  1. Similar career path… yeah, no, but I do know a thing or two about switching majors. I don’t know if we’re on the same ball field when it comes to the circumstantial though.

    You can approach the choice from any number of ways, which I guess is pretty characteristic as far as any choice go, but to narrow things down, you can look at it 1 of 3 ways: as 1)an Idealist, 2)a Utilitarian or 3)a Non-conventionalist.

    1) You don’t care what’s expected of you; you know what you love, you do it well, and you’re going to find your own unique way of contributing to the world. Tiring business, aye, but if you’re sure about and committed to your abilities, you won’t mind doing the little things to keep your ideals afloat. Patience is key.

    2) You want to relax securely, knowing that you’re making a living doing something you like. While it’ll be difficult getting there, you’re willing to tough it out for that inevitably sweet long-run. Your living won’t be your passion, but you’ll find enough time on the side to do what you really love bit by bit, and you’re happy with that.

    3) You’re going to be versatile but you’re not going to spread yourself too thin; you have a plan of acquiring a melange of credentials that will suit you for a niche profession you’re interested in. You’ll have the means by which to offer something unique and attractive to people (which is not to say that you don’t already), and there’ll be steady demand for your service.

    I don’t know much about corporations or politiking, but I think this kind of choice is fundamental enough for me to share something. I didn’t factor in money constraints or anything, but if you have enough to pull off a change in major, I’d suggest international relations. For as much as I know you, law just isn’t your thing. (I could be wrong, but sometimes we dream of being something we have absolutely no desire to be.)

    I know that international relations branches out into a pretty vast field, including non-governmental organizations and global enterprises. Foreign policies, globalization – it all sounds interesting. Let me know what ya decide.


  2. Ray you’re like my voice of reason🙂 I think I’m am going to go the grad school route, and pass on law. It’ll leave me open to more job opportunities.

    Now all I need to do is keep my grades up!

  3. Just remember who helped you make the choice when you’re sprawled out on the sands of Spain considering who to let care for your London flat for the summer. I’d take your boat out into the Atlantic and fish all the lobster that could fit in your fridge…


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