Labor Day Weekend

Family events are always very awkward. They’re even more awkward when it isn’t your own family, but someone else’s. Have you ever been in a situation where a friend or someone invited you over to one of their family gatherings that you couldn’t say no to? What exactly do you do with yourself while you’re there? How do they expect you to relax and mingle with complete strangers, let alone down a huge plate of food?

Well, I had one of those awkward family get-togethers today. My sister was there, but was running around so much that we barely got to say anything. When I first arrived all the women were bustling about in the kitchen, getting the food prepared and ready to be served. My sister motioned for me to sit over on a couch instead of helping, which was probably a good thing considering I would’ve gotten in the way. So here I am sitting quietly in the living room while everyone else is busy laughing and chatting, and have no clue what to do with myself. I watched as one lady played with a baby sitting in a high chair, before finally taking her out and letting her move around. And wouldn’t you know, that baby must’ve had some strange intuition, because as soon as the lady let go of her, she darted across the carpet straight for me. Now, I must say that I’m not exactly the best with kids–especially babies, because they puzzle me–but she grabbed my hand anyway, and stayed clutched to it for a good 10min before they pried her off me. It wasn’t unpleasant at all, but man I’m in trouble if I ever become a mother one day!

So, when the food was finally finished, everyone was called into the living room, and it was time to say grace. Everyone closed their eyes, and bowed their head in uniformity as it was said. Now, a quick question: If you’re an atheist, what is the most polite thing to do in this situation?

Out of habit, I did the same thing as everyone else, but was that wrong of me? I’m not sure if it’s more polite to say the prayer (with no belief that it means anything), or more polite not to.

Moving on…after spending another hour or so staring at people I felt like my time was done, and it wouldn’t be rude of me to take my leave and go home. A peculiar thing happened to me on the way out though. I grabbed my purse and found my sister to let her know that I was leaving. I also let the hostess know that I had to go, and thanked her for allowing me to come visit. On my way out though, a little boy ran by me and stopped and asked, “Are you white?” I kind of paused for a moment, because I wasn’t sure that he asked what I thought he did. “Huh??” I said to him amazed. Then he asked again, “Are you white?” and I just kind of laughed and told him I wasn’t. I have to point out though that the family is all African American, along with my sister and I. I do have a few other things mixed in me, but I’m no where near white. The little boy must’ve been no older than maybe 5, and ran off just as quick as he appeared. It was just…strange. What could race mean to someone so young? Maybe I’m looking too far into it, but he really caught me off guard. Anyway, that was my really awkward event for the day. If anyone else has one to share I’d love to hear it!

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