I’m home!

So I bet a few people are probably wondering what in the world happened to me. Once finals were over and school let out, I lost all motivation to do anything productive, and I’ve been sitting at home eating and playing video games. I’ve been back for a few weeks now, and still have yet to finish unpacking so it’s time to get off my lazy butt and start doing some cleaning (and updating)!

Before I left my university one of my professors was nice enough to loan me one of his books on the history of the New Testament writings. I haven’t started reading it yet, but expect to see some journal entries related to it pop up soon. Since I’ll be working full-time again it’ll be kind of hard to update as much as I’d like, but I’ll try my best🙂 I’m getting ready to head there soon. They’re making me sit in a little room and count money all day, which is kind of fun so I won’t complain.

So a quick thank you goes all to all my friends who emailed and messaged to check on me, and get my butt back in gear!

6 thoughts on “I’m home!

  1. It’s called The New Testament: A Historial Introduction to the Early Christian Writings (3rd edition) by Bart D. Ehrman. You can find it on Amazon here. What made me interested in it was the discussion on aA about the Talmud, so I asked my professor if he had any more information on it, and he recommended one of the chapters in it to me. It has a nice little section about it, and Josephus that I still need to finish reading.

  2. I wrote that article on aA, and I am happy it inspired your curiosity. Jeez, how many books does Ehrman have out? This is one I have never heard of, but it looks like a freshman course made out of his book Lost Christianities, which I tought was excellent.

    I found no evidence that Jesus was mentioned in the Talmud, but some rather insulting fiction was written about him by Jewish sources several centuries after the fact. I can’t remember what that stuff is called offhand though.

    Maybe you can write a followup with anything that you find out.

  3. LaShawn,

    Hope you’re having a great summer. I figured we won’t see you around much until school starts again and you’re trying to distract yourself from doing school work🙂 That’s the best time to blog.


  4. Hmm a tag eh? I guess this means I need to get off my butt and post🙂 After I finish work that is. It sucks having to close, and not getting home until around 1am. I have a lot of stuff I’ve been meaning to write about though, and I need to get started.

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