On a lighter note

The semester will soon be coming to an end! After taking a year off from college, and finally coming back, I can say that the time sure does fly. I’m kind of looking forward to working once again oddly enough, even though I know by the end of the summer I’ll be just as eager to jump back into studying. So far my impression of the spring semester was that it wasn’t a bad one. I certainly did (and am still doing) my fair share of slacking and procrastination, but I still get my work completed and for the most part handed in on time.

So what makes me so excited about the summer? World of Warcraft. Haha that’s sad isn’t it? Luckily for me the university network lags too bad for me to play it, so I’ve been forced to focus on my studies. I have been going through withdrawals though, and can’t wait to get back into online gaming. That, plus I’m hoping to repair things back home with her. Yeah yeah I know, I haven’t learned my lesson have I?

Either way, I welcome the warm weather, and all the adventures that come with it!

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