Religion and Me

Religion is a funny thing. It can make or break a society. It can make or break an individual. Religion is one of those rare things that has the ability to both empower, and destroy those who not only partake in it, but also those who merely come in cross paths with others who do. It truly is an amazing thing. For me, studying religion is personally fulfilling. Despite how hard I try, I am unable to define myself, or refine my lifestyle without feeling religious elements somehow deeply integrated. There is little that I know about as far as who I am, but there is a lot that I know about in terms of who I’m not. One thing that I know for sure is that I am not me without religion. By this I’m not necessarily referring to any particular beliefs, but the very essence of discovering and seeking out religious truths is what drives and motivates me as a human being.

One of the greatest struggles and conflicts that I have with myself is over the existence of God. For now, I will say there is a God, but my certainty is questionable. Do I believe in God because of fear? Or do I really believe in God without worry of conviction? Is it my mortality that forces me to believe in God, or is it based on intellectual circumstances? This is the current struggling point in my life, and one that I’m worried I may never overcome… until I die that is, but wouldn’t it be a shame to have to rely on death to know exactly what is real? To know the truth?

The whole essence and idea of God is really amazing, and almost seems out of reach. My desire as a human to really know God seems insatiable.

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