So hard to make a first post, when I’m not quite sure what to say. I’m not looking for fans, or people to admire me. I’m not here to boast, or try to impress others. I’m just here to organize my thoughts, and try to understand the reason I am this way. Please forgive me if it seems boring… and forgive me if it makes absolutely no sense. I guess that means that I am here for my own self gratification, and not anyone else’s. This is something fun for me to enjoy, and no one else. Read if you like, but please don’t bother to complain. My ears are tightly shut.

Lets see… who am I?..

For starters, my nickname is Mai. Supposedly I’m a student, but I’m currently out of school due to crazy amounts of debt, and the fact that I’m just plain dumb. Do I want to go back? Yes. Will I? That’s something we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m currently addicted to a few games, in particular mmorpgs. Two of which include: FFXI and World of Warcraft. Some love them, and some hate them. I, on the other hand, play merely because I am being brainwashed to the point of being unable to think or perform any other action. Ok ok, maybe that’s a bit severe. I do realize that I play a bit too much though, but I’m also quite content with it. I don’t think I’m missing out on anything all that great in the “real world”.

My age? Ahh. Well I’m 21. Not old… not young.

My goals? To get married and live a long and happy life, but considering how scared I am of marraige, this will be a very tough feat! Have I found my one true love? I don’t think that such a thing exists. Instead of trying to find “the one”, I look for someone who is tolerable, and I could see myself enjoying a lifetime with. I don’t expect perfection. Nothing from the other, that I myself don’t have. I’m not quite sure if I have found the right candidate yet, but I am currently tied to someone very close, and who I wouldn’t mind sharing my dreams with.

I’m already typing more than I expected! At least for a first post, so I’ll try to cut it short. So far, so good, and I think I’ll enjoy my blog here.

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