Hey hey, I’m AyaMonhu and welcome to my site! It’s been a while since I actually updated it but thats because I was really busy with my freshman year at college >_< Well its summer now so I'm officially back in business. I started working on a new layout which I'm sure all of you have noticed (nod and smile), and I'm hoping to make this place really big by offering lots of stuff for the fans. Not my fans of course…as if i have any…but all those poor helpless otaku in the world ^^

Not all of the sections are up yet but I really want some fanfics. So, if you write your own please send them in!! I'm going to be paying for a host so I'll have plenty of space to showcase them. Also, if you have any artwork thats anime or game related send it in too! I'm a big Squaresoft *cough cough* Square Enix fan so if u have some Final Fantasy drawings that would be coo🙂

Well, time to get back to work. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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